In Sardinia romance is not dead.

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Even though this is a very late post, Sardinia is a place that deserves a mention.  We visited in July this summer, which was a bit before the high season over there.  My boyfriend Thomas and I are often deterred from seeking a romantic holiday. Paris, Venice, Rome and all the other cities of love seem like a lot of pressure. With reputation comes expectation. Of course they are marvellous places, but their popularity brings hassle for tourists.

Sardinia on the other hand was an incredibly sleepy island. Picturesque in every way from the nature, to the rustic Italian buildings. None of the beaches were over-crowded and the water was like silk. On our last day we managed to find a virtually untouched beach which could only be accessed by foot. A 15 minute walk in the blistering heat until we ended up paradise.

The market (pictured) was a quirky market with everything from antique coffee grinders to cashmere cardigans. Situated in the very charming little village of San Pantaleo on the hills. We actually ended up abandoning the market with our lemon gelatos to explore the rustic streets. Blue wooden doors, grapevines and cute three-wheel trucks were amongst our finds.

Sardinia is most definitely an island for those who want to take it slow and enjoy the many beauties of Italy, without the business of other tourist destinations.

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