Happy Birthday to Buster


Buster is 4 today. He likes to sleep (a lot), play with his toys and eat treats.


It is a little bit silly to celebrate the birthday of a dog. For him it is just another day. Despite Buster the Chihuahua’s genetical flaws, he barks a lot, he is such a good dog. No matter how many mistakes I have made whilst attempting to look after him, he always wants to play with me, I really appreciate that.

So every year, we try to make his day extra special. Because his birthday is in December, it usually coincides with the Betty and Butch Santa Paws event, which is a pretty cool santa’s grotto for dogs. Again, it sounds silly. The money raised goes to charity and the dogs go home with a toy – so it’s actually pretty cool.

We went to the event this year and treated him to a yellow raincoat (pictured) and he also got lots of treats in his goody bag from Santa.

The second big event on Buster’s special day is baking. As mentioned yesterday, he was born on the Swedish holiday of Santa Lucia. We used to celebrate this day in school in Norway, and we decided to continue celebrating in England – purely for gastronomic reasons. Part of the festivities are to bake ‘lusekatter’ they contain the distinguished saffron spice. This spice twinned with cardemom, creates a beautifully sweet flavour with a comforting yellow colour, to bring some warmth at winter time. Swirls of beautifully smelling rolls glazed to a golden colour and topped with raisins. One simply cannot resist. Unfortunately this year, as a result of a manic week, I didn’t have the opportunity to bake. There’s always next year.

Yes, I know I speak about my dog like he’s a human. You can tell that I need more real friends… Feel free to help me on that front.

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