New Year, New Me…Or Not!


If you are anything like me,a New Years resolution is another word for failure, unfulfilled promises and disappointment. This does not have to be the way.

I was recently inspired by my cousin. He had a bucket list which was not at all short and included tasks such as ‘give blood’ and ‘be on TV’. The list goes on. There are some goals like ‘be on TV’ that are relatively challenging when you are not a celebrity, yet he managed it.

Benji, my cousin, is currently my prime source of inspiration for achieving targets. Once he has put his mind to something, he engineers that dream into a reality.

For example, more recently, he took me to join him at boxing training with Bobbi Jo at Metro Fitness in Stockport. He said “I want a fight”. Bobbi Joe, the knowledgeable coach said that he wasn’t ready to fight and needed a lot more training. Benji, being the stubborn young man he is, managed to find a fight anyway.

I wouldn’t advise throwing yourself into a boxing match unprepared. However, I would take some guidance from Benji’s philosophy – No matter how much people may laugh, or even dismiss your goals, do not let them deter you from your path. You may not be the best at your desired task, however you can turn a thought into reality. Don’t be afraid to dream big, because chances are, you have the ability.

This year when you set your New Years resolution big or small, side-step the trend of talking the talk and actually make it happen, because the world really is your oyster.

Happy New Year x


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