Norway Fact/Ficton


Norwegians are  born with skis on their feet.

FACT – well kind of… The general consensus is that skiing is a big thing. Norway’s winter Olympic results says it all. Ok, not everyone likes to ski, but most Norwegians can ski and will ski in the winter. Be it cross county or alpine.



It always Snows in Norway

FICTION – Norway is often imagined to be wearing a coat of snow all year round. This isn’t the case. Norway is very stretched out. Up North expect snow to be guaranteed with long, dark winters and the northern lights dancing across the horizon to warm the heart. In the summer expect the sun to never really go down. As for southern parts, snow is hit and miss, it can come and go, but it will be there at some point. It’s also worth noting that summer in Norway is one of the most underrated experiences. Again, it’s difficult to predict how sunny and warm it will be, but Norway transforms itself to an amazing place in the summer. Swimming in the lakes and fjords; Hiking in the dramatic forests and mountains; And a myriad of other outdoor sports are to be enjoyed at this time. Not to mention the availability ‘soft is’ Norway’s equivalent to Mr Whippy nom nom nom.


Norway is expensive.

FACT – I’d recommend taking out a loan for your trip to Norway! Everything is almost double the prices in the UK. Expect a pint of beer to cost anything from 80NOK upwards, which currently is approximately £6.21. Let’s not even begin to ponder about the prices of real ales. We had a pizza meal, in an average chain restaurant. 1 beer and two pizzas, 1 medium, 1 large 650Nok (£50.51) – Enough said. Don’t let this deter you. The beauty outweighs the price, just close your eyes whenever you have to pay for anything.



Norwegian men are 6ft Vikings with blonde hair and blue eyes.

FICTION – We all have this idea of Scandinavians being incredibly beautiful and tall, with their flowing blonde hair and Viking blood. They actually look like the man in the photo above…

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