A love letter to my favourite bakery.

As a mixed race person, I have a lot of heritage. For me, I struggle to identify as Spanish AND Norwegian AND Jamaican AND English. I can barely string a sentence together in Spanish; I have never been to Jamaica; I only spent 4 years in Norway; And I don’t really have any English blood. So where am I supposed to say I’m from?

Instead of spiralling deeper into more and more questions, I’d rather speak about something that does gives me a sense of belonging.

– Old Trafford bakery – The intimate little shop always welcomes me with familiar faces, baked goods in every available space and a door frame that gives you a little view of the room where the magic happens.

Spending a lot of time with my cousin, Malichi, the bakery was one of our go to childhood eateries.

Freshly made bun was always a sweet treat – spiced to perfection, it’s sweetness and warmth dotted with raisins still makes my mouth water to this day.

Hard-dough bread was something I had to be in the mood for. A little sweeter and chewwier than normal bread, but toasted with melted butter oozing down onto the plate, with a thin layer of jam on top and salted boiled eggs – I was in heaven.

My all time favourite is patty and cocobread. Again a sweat bread, but this time soft and warm with a slightly spicy lamb mince patty inside. Delicious. As a child I had to drown the patty in ketchup to get rid of the spicy beds, but now it is perfect as it is.

I would recommend visiting this bakery to get a taste of Jamaica, not that I really know what Jamaica tastes like!

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