Enough is enough.


My parents are Vicente and Diane Modahl.

My pre-rehearsed response to “Would you like to go to the Olympics?” …  Well it would be the ultimate dream. 

Athletics has been part of my life since birth. I have been on more training camps than most seasoned sportspeople.

But would being an athlete really be the ultimate dream? If so, who’s dream? Not mine, that’s for sure. As a child I was very good at telling people this. “NO! I want to be an astronaut… a taxi driver… a doctor” I would say.

Even so, over the last two years my own ambitions have become increasingly ambiguous and distorted into a false sense of me. I was living somebody else’s dream. Like a passenger in somebody else’s car, with no control of where I was going.

That doesn’t mean that I do not enjoy the sport, it is one of the most fulfilling hobbies I have ever had. I have been on some amazing journeys, learnt some fantastic things and made some wonderful friends. Through DMSF I will continue to support those who are dreaming to be the next David Rudisha. For me however, it is time for me to venture into the unknown and head towards my dreams.

I am finally back on track.


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