Gran Canaria Winter Daze

9am the sun is out, I decide it will be a good idea to go for a run on the beach. I have never been to Gran Canaria before, nor have I done much research on the place, all I know is that the sun is out all year round.

It’s January, I spent a week in Gran Canaria. Soaking up the sun at day and at night finishing off my essay.

On this particular morning when I was on a run on the beach, I saw a naked man. I nudged my mum “Mamma! Look.” Then we continued on our run.

Later on the same day we decided to visit the sand dunes. Between the golden dunes and shrubs naked people were walking around. How fascinating.

We carried on happily venturing on our way. Then we finally found out we were on a nudist beach. I always seem to end up on nudist beaches and they always seem to be the best beaches. Maybe we could share them?

There was no point to this story, I just really enjoyed my day on the beach.

The following day we decided to go to a market. I hate markets. Mamma loves markets. I decided to take her on a detour. We ended up in a much more exciting place with the most beautiful flowers and water that was Crystal clear.

The market was overrated.

We then ended up at a fun fair. It was empty. I wanted to ride a donkey, but the man was packing them away. We looked at the Ferris wheel and decided to eat a strawberry lace each. We then returned to the apartment.

Gran Canaria was really fun, I’m not sure what we actually did though.


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