My take-home message from The City of Champions Dinner 2016.

It’s not rocket science.

We all want to do better. We all want to do this, we all want to do that.

It’s not rocket science.

After attending The City of Champions 2016 gala dinner raising money for DMSF, I realised – It’s not rocket science.

Dame Kelly Holmes, Anthony Crolla, Tracey Neville MBE, the Smith brothers, Kings Chambers, Andy Lord, Harold Riley, Nadine Merabi, Greens Vegetarian, Diane and Vicente Modahl and everybody that was there on the night they know the formula – It’s not rocket science.

The key to success is not rocket science. It’s the ability to get on with it. To do what needs to be done and do it wholeheartedly.

Giving back is also fundamental. Many of them spoke of someone that supported them at some point.

They all get it. Work hard, be selfish at times, but also give back.

They did it. They told us how to do it. Now it’s our turn.

It’s not rocket science.

   The Nadine Merabi auction prize.
 The Gallagher’s gym auction prize.


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