Pretty Little Lisbon

I have never been to Portugal before. When searching for a birthday gift for my beloved Thomas, the cheapest flight I could find was to Lisbon, Portugal. We once again found ourselves armed with Ryanair tickets, crammed together on a plane, just like the day we met. How romantic.

The highlight of Lisbon for me, was the use of colour on all of the buildings. Cute buildings tiled from top to bottom were everywhere and pastel coloured buildings pink, blue, lilac, yellow and more. My eyes gazing up at the balconies and buildings, poor Thomas found himself being dragged down side roads to look at the pink house, or at the flowers or at the street name made out of tiles. Although there was clearly a lot of thought that was put into the buildings when they were first built, everything in Lisbon seemed a little bit broken. Paint that was peeling, tiles that were missing and graffiti covered the streets – even still, every colour, tile and balcony still warmed my heart in the way that the initial architects intended.

There is more to Lisbon than tiles and paint, but I was too busy looking at tiles and paint to  take in all of the rest.

Until next time.


Obrigado x

Pink and blue.

Pastel appreciation.

Clothes out to dry in the rain.

Pretty little details.



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