A sugar rush gone too far…

It has been a month since retiring from my life as an ‘athlete’. During this month, like many in my position would, I went off the rails a little bit.

For me going crazy means chocolate, cereal and pizza.

In the past I have allowed myself 1-2weeks per year of pure junk food. Usually on my binge weeks the lack of substance in my diet results in me getting grumpy and irritable – imagine a tired toddler.

This time I decided to up the anti and do a whole month of allowing myself a few extra bowls of chocolate cereal.

This time I had taken it too far. I’ll be the first to say “My name is Imani and I am an addict.”

The usual mood swings from the highs and lows of sugar would hit me on a daily basis.

But then shit got real, excuse my French.

I was in the cinema with a friend and midway through the film I started to get really, really hot. I then got really, really dizzy.

This is not normal.

I decided to go to toilet. Barely able to make my way down the stairs, I reached the exit. Only to find that I was sitting on the floor. A loud buzz in my ears and everything shaking inside my head.

I manage to stand up and use my weight to push the door open. Only to walk a few steps and then find myself falling slow motion back to the floor.

The next thing I know I was in the bathroom, again on the floor. I splash cold water on my face, other ladies look at me like I’m a mad woman.

I finally have enough energy to slowly walk out of the bathroom and find a member of staff, a few minutes later and I was fine.

Kids, please remember to eat your greens.

Mamma, Pappa I hope you don’t read this! If you do, please don’t shout at me…

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