I love you Diane.

I remember when we moved back from Norway. I was so shy. You dragged me out and knocked on every door on our road to try to help me find some children to play with. At the time I was filled with embarrassment.

Now I’m just proud of you.

A few months ago you beat me in a race. A few people approached me suggesting that I should be embarrassed.

I was in fact filled with pride. Not many 20 year olds have mothers that can put themselves on the line in a race against their own daughter.

As a child I remember watching you do interval sessions in Alberquerque. You looked so fast, yet so easy.

15 years later and you’ve managed to evolve and be great in a new field, building up your own charity into something really special. Your work hasn’t just been recognised by me, but also by your peers IOD NW Director of the Year – yaaas!

You did good Di.

Thanks for inspiring me.

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