Top 3 Pizza Places in Manchester

I love pizza. Those of you that have been on a pizza date with me will know that I usually ALWAYS order a margarita. Why? Because it is almost impossible to make a bad margarita. Below, in no particular order, are three pizza places in Manchester that make me happy to stray away from my safe yet satisfying safety net of cheese and tomato.

Solomons Cafe Bar – Withington

Wholesome and homemade. Here, I pick pepperoni every time. The cheese, the sauce, the meat, the base – all equate to the ultimate feel good treat. These pizzas could almost be described as the love child of an American and an Italian Pizza; Not too heavy. Not leaving you feeling too guilty, but still giving you the satisfaction of a good cheat day.

Slice – Northern Quarter

Stylish and sophisticated. Thin based, snack sized rectangles with a variety of bespoke toppings. My favourite is the proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and tomato. The quirky toppings make you want to mix and match. Why have one, when you can have three?! Not only is the pizza ‘buono’, they also serve gelatos and coffee. I love this place because it leaves me with memories of my summer in Sardinia – Oh how I miss Italy…

23rd Street – Fallowfield

Sometimes you just want to get down and dirty. This is my go to, non chain takeaway pizza. Affordable and rectangular – yes please. It also looks really cool on snapchat… Not that that matters or anything! For those who prefer the more conventional circular pizza, they sell a mahoosive 20 inch pizza, that will knock you back in terms of any progress you’ve made in the gym that week. It sure tastes good though, so why not? The only thing that keeps 23rd Street from becoming the takeaway of takeaways is the fact that they don’t have curly fries. Hint hint.

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