4 Quirky Eateries in Manchester


Black Milk Cereal Dive

Pizza and cereal are my life. I have been meaning to visit this swanky cereal cafe for a long time. Situated in Afflecks Palace, the place looks nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the wall filled with various cereal boxes. They sell ‘cereal cocktails’ – I decided to go for the American Dream, this contains an assortment of American cereals, m&m’s, oreos and roasted marshmallows in an edible, white chocolate bowl. At £6.90 the prices are waaaay steep, this is a good thing. A deterrent is needed to stop you from visiting the place too much. Diabetes and Black Milk definitely go hand in hand! The service was awesome, the place is a unique spot to have a real sweet treat. Eat responsibly, enjoy!


Mowgli – Corn Exchange

The refurbished corn exchange is beautiful. There are so many restaurants I have yet to visit.  On my most recent visit I went to Mowgli. Yes it is a chain, so it’s a safe option. But I like the decor and relaxed atmosphere. I also really like the corn exchange in itself, so any excuse to eat there is a good one. The food is tasty, it’s almost like an Indian tapas restaurant. It’s nice to be able to choose so many little bits, the aesthetics were definitely the enticing factor for me.


Home Sweet Home

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this place is sickly cakes that are far too big and full of sugar. There is actually so much more to their menu than the crazy cakes. They have recently expanded and opened a new restaurant in Great Northern, Manchester. My favourite is definitely the original in the Northern Quarter as it is more intimate, however at times it can be claustrophobic and loud so the Great Northern is a good alternative for a bit more room. There’s an American vibe to the food. You definitely feel like it’s a cheat day. But if you want to over indulge every once in a while, this is a place for you.


Kettlebell kitchen

Unlike the other three places mentioned in this post, Kettlebell will leave you feeling guilt free and satisfied at the same time. I chose a ‘kettlebox’, this is where you can you pick a base, a protein, a salad and sauce to make your own meal. Kettlebell is perfect for the days where you really don’t fancy cooking, but want to keep things healthy.