Yesterday was the first Sunday of advent.


Christmas is coming earlier and earlier, at least it feels that way.

Feeling a sense of Christmas spirit, Thomas and I thought it fitting to visit the Christmas markets.

We went home with a sense of disappointment. Not because they weren’t spectacular, just because I’ve seen it all before. The annual mug. The John Lewis advert. The ice-skating rinks. Maybe it’s all too commercialised. Maybe our expectations were too great. Maybe we are getting old. Maybe we are starting to question the existence of a certain Mr Claus.

The 20minute drive home from the market left me wondering whether Christmas 2016 was ruined.

Deciding to take a walk down the road to clear my head, hope was restored.

In the distance I saw the a light. Candy canes, Parma Violets, baubles and glitter in the window of local furniture shop, David Gavin rekindled my faith in humanity. This wasn’t another carbon copy Christmas sales pitch. This was just a window of happiness.

Hopefully you’ll find something that puts a smile on your face this Christmas too.

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