Merry Christmas.

Being a born a girl of many cultures, I have been fortunate enough to experience different Christmas cultures.
Other than the food, one of the biggest contrasts I have witnessed is the act of giving gifts.
In England, what I am used seeing is an unusually early start to the day. Being so excited that you dribble a little bit, followed by a frantic sprint down the stairs to the tree. The presents are then ripped open – BAM five minutes later all gifts are opened.
In Norway, what I have experienced is a slow morning, with a potential gift given to little kids to shut them up. Then nothing happens. FINALLY once dinner has been eaten, the plates packed away, presents can be opened. Hold on though. We open presents one at a time. This means a good two hours of the false admiration of objects that other people put on a pedestal.


I don’t know what I prefer. What I do know is that as time passes gifts are forgotten, misplaced or broken. This is why the laughter, the tears, the food coma, the embarrassing moments and heated discussions are my fondest Christmas memories.


Hope you have had a Christmas that you will remember

Imani x