where to have a PIZZA Party this weekend.


National pizza day seemed like a fitting day to crawl out from under the pile of revision notes and interval sessions that I’ve been hiding under… Despite it being the most wonderful day of the year, I still didn’t manage to find time to write a post – Awkward.

Unfortunately I have barely had any pizza this year. I think I have only had five – considering that it is only February, I suppose that is not a bad start.

You’ll be happy to hear that I am going to be writing about pizza more often, which means that I’ll be able to eat more pizza too.


Sheffield and pizza are two words you would not put in the same sentence.

Sheffield – the home of steel, The Arctic Monkeys, Jessica Ennis and now pizza.

Porter pizza and Proove pizza are two pizza places that deserve a shout out. Made with love, inspired by real Neapolitan pizza. If you are a true pizza lover you better get down there.

For those of you that are too cool to travel to Yorkshire, I am happy to tell you that Proove Pizza is making it to my home village of West Didsbury.

Other places to note for my Mancunian pizza lovers are Rudy’s Pizza in Ancoats, 900 Degrees in Wilmslow and Double Zero in Chorlton.

May you all treat yourself to a slice or two this weekend.




How many Belgian waffles can you eat in 10 hours?


Do you ever want to feel like a rockstar and go abroad for the day just to eat some waffles? I do.

When I am not coaching, doing uniwork or training – I, like most of us, dream about food and travel.

Why not combine the two?

My friend Sekee and I decided to spend 10 hours in Brussels, Belgium.

Lack of time does not mean lack of adventure.

Fresh waffles, chocolate shops, moules frites and a bar with thousands of beer varieties were amongst our finds.

When we were too full to eat, we browsed the many streets filled with artwork and lace shops, we even made it to the EU HQ before they no longer need to welcome us with open arms.

Thank you for feeding us Belgium.