PROOVE – Love at first slice.

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to live the dream and eat unlimited pizza at the opening party for Proove Pizza on Burton Road in West Didsbury. Now that I have finally awoken from the food coma, I am ready to tell you about my experience.


This picture says it all. Divine.

My cousin Remello and I were warmly welcomed by Maz the general manager of the new restaurant. He explained – in his soft Italian accent – that Proove stands out because the ingredients are sourced in the style of true Italian high pizza, adding that this restaurant is one of the only places he, as an Italian would choose to dine. He explains the chefs are all Italian, so they know their stuff.

The dough is sublime crispy on the edges and floppy in the middle. The sauce to cheese ratio is ideal, you get the full flavour of the tomatoes with the intermittent disruption of stringy cheese. The delicate balance of ingredients is reflected within the fresh decor of the restaurant. The copper and exposed brick walls take you to a Celestine environment where you can savour every bite.


No gimmicks, just an authentic feel-good experience.

Who am I to talk. Give it a go yourself.

8th March.

If you aren’t there, do you even like pizza?

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