Getting our hands dirty with GB Pizza Co

I have not posted in a very long time. Being a final year law student is busy tings.

Yesterday was a special day for myself and Thomas. Yes, It was our 5 year anniversary, but more importantly we were going to do something that we both love more than love.


We were fortunate enough to get a table on the opening night of Lapwing Lane’s newest, grooviest establishment GB Pizza Co.

Perks of being a pizza stan.


There is a growing pizza scene in Didsbury, so GB Pizza Co needed to throw some big punches to stand out.

We walk in, welcomed by Grant and his team.

Neon lights, a concrete bar, exposed brick. The decor was gritty yet sophisticated, a big shift from the worn down shop that used to be there.


If you look closely, you can see my pizza claws…

We sat down. On the menu there was a sign saying ‘no knives and forks.’

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love eating thin pizzas with cutlery. It tastes better, trust me. No cutlery was a big ask.

I decided to be brave – picked up the pizza – folded it in half and ate it.


To my surprise the base was crispy, which made it easy to hold.

The base was also much needed shift away from the gooey Neapolitan trend that we have seen lately in Manchester. I love me some doughy pizza, but there are too many carbon copies out there.

The tomato sauce was on point. Sweet and full of flavour.

GB Pizza Co is a feel good place that prides themselves in British produce; Dunham Massey apple juice, ale from Leeds and rapeseed oil from Yorkshire.

Also, #Studenthack for all the people that are dipping, or have dived into their overdraft:

Mondays = £5 pizza

Wednesdays = Buy one, get one half price pizza

Thank me later.



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