Getting our hands dirty with GB Pizza Co

I have not posted in a very long time. Being a final year law student is busy tings.

Yesterday was a special day for myself and Thomas. Yes, It was our 5 year anniversary, but more importantly we were going to do something that we both love more than love.


We were fortunate enough to get a table on the opening night of Lapwing Lane’s newest, grooviest establishment GB Pizza Co.

Perks of being a pizza stan.


There is a growing pizza scene in Didsbury, so GB Pizza Co needed to throw some big punches to stand out.

We walk in, welcomed by Grant and his team.

Neon lights, a concrete bar, exposed brick. The decor was gritty yet sophisticated, a big shift from the worn down shop that used to be there.


If you look closely, you can see my pizza claws…

We sat down. On the menu there was a sign saying ‘no knives and forks.’

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love eating thin pizzas with cutlery. It tastes better, trust me. No cutlery was a big ask.

I decided to be brave – picked up the pizza – folded it in half and ate it.


To my surprise the base was crispy, which made it easy to hold.

The base was also much needed shift away from the gooey Neapolitan trend that we have seen lately in Manchester. I love me some doughy pizza, but there are too many carbon copies out there.

The tomato sauce was on point. Sweet and full of flavour.

GB Pizza Co is a feel good place that prides themselves in British produce; Dunham Massey apple juice, ale from Leeds and rapeseed oil from Yorkshire.

Also, #Studenthack for all the people that are dipping, or have dived into their overdraft:

Mondays = £5 pizza

Wednesdays = Buy one, get one half price pizza

Thank me later.



PROOVE – Love at first slice.

Last Friday, I was fortunate enough to live the dream and eat unlimited pizza at the opening party for Proove Pizza on Burton Road in West Didsbury. Now that I have finally awoken from the food coma, I am ready to tell you about my experience.


This picture says it all. Divine.

My cousin Remello and I were warmly welcomed by Maz the general manager of the new restaurant. He explained – in his soft Italian accent – that Proove stands out because the ingredients are sourced in the style of true Italian high pizza, adding that this restaurant is one of the only places he, as an Italian would choose to dine. He explains the chefs are all Italian, so they know their stuff.

The dough is sublime crispy on the edges and floppy in the middle. The sauce to cheese ratio is ideal, you get the full flavour of the tomatoes with the intermittent disruption of stringy cheese. The delicate balance of ingredients is reflected within the fresh decor of the restaurant. The copper and exposed brick walls take you to a Celestine environment where you can savour every bite.


No gimmicks, just an authentic feel-good experience.

Who am I to talk. Give it a go yourself.

8th March.

If you aren’t there, do you even like pizza?

Yesterday was the first Sunday of advent.


Christmas is coming earlier and earlier, at least it feels that way.

Feeling a sense of Christmas spirit, Thomas and I thought it fitting to visit the Christmas markets.

We went home with a sense of disappointment. Not because they weren’t spectacular, just because I’ve seen it all before. The annual mug. The John Lewis advert. The ice-skating rinks. Maybe it’s all too commercialised. Maybe our expectations were too great. Maybe we are getting old. Maybe we are starting to question the existence of a certain Mr Claus.

The 20minute drive home from the market left me wondering whether Christmas 2016 was ruined.

Deciding to take a walk down the road to clear my head, hope was restored.

In the distance I saw the a light. Candy canes, Parma Violets, baubles and glitter in the window of local furniture shop, David Gavin rekindled my faith in humanity. This wasn’t another carbon copy Christmas sales pitch. This was just a window of happiness.

Hopefully you’ll find something that puts a smile on your face this Christmas too.

Sunday Walkies – Tatton Park


Fresh air and green spaces are fundamental to my sanity. Living in a city that is constantly adding more and more to pavements and roads, it is so important to leave the never-ending rush hour behind. Every Sunday I try to take my dog for a long walk. I thought it would be nice to share some of the places we’ve been, just in case you want to go for a walk too.


Tatton Park will always hold a special place in my heart.

number of deer that roam free here never ceases to amaze me, especially because it is something that you’d never imagine to stumble upon so close to Manchester. There are brown, stoic deer and cute little ‘Bambi’-like deer. I am probably known amongst the deer as ‘the creepy girl that is obsessed with us’. I just stand and stare at them.

IMG_9221 (1).jpg

The park is HUGE, you have to pay a parking fee and entry fees for certain areas, but it is worth it. There is an old victorian carousel, two lakes, grass for days, dragonflies, trees, sheep, deer, a stately home, gardens, a little farm and special events. What more could you ask for?

My week with Nadine


Earlier this year I wrote about how bored I was.

I then got a message from fashion designer, Nadine Merabi asking if I’d like to come and see a bit of her world.

Nadine has created some of the most beautiful dresses I have seen in real life. Sultry, classy and empowering all in one dress. I would be crazy not to say yes to this opportunity.

Then came the doubt:

I study law, law is so black and white… I know nothing about fashion… Oh my gawhhhhd, this is too cool… I know nothing about design… I can knit though… I once fixed a hole in a sock… I’m not that outgoing… I can’t draw… We both come from sporting backgrounds… I do wear clothes and like to feel pretty, so i suppose it could work? 

After deciding I had nothing to lose, I said yes.

Unfortunately it was during exam time, so I didn’t get to spend as much time as I would’ve liked with her and her ambitious team.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 09.26.17.png

Whilst there I was fortunate enough to go the behind the scenes of two awesome Manchester based brands Nadine Merabi and Bodaskins. Both have been successful in creating more than just items of clothing. When you wear those dresses or leather jackets, you become part of a certain lifestyle, you develop a certain persona.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 09.21.54.png

I am no doctor, but I quickly figured out that Nadine is probably clinically insane! She brings her tortoise ‘Frank(ie)’ everywhere with her, initially she thought it was a boy, but then found out that it was a girl. She talks to Frankie like she’s a little person. I somehow managed to manoeuvre my way around the organised chaos which was Nadine Merabi. As I spoke to her more, I realised that she was brilliant, true to herself and full of life. You could tell that behind all of the personality and sparkle was a determined young woman that would work her butt off to transform her visions into a reality.

For all the young girls searching for a role model, I think I just found one for you.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 09.15.57.png


Top 4 Places To Run In South Manchester

Fletcher Moss Gardens

A beautiful botanical garden and park with playing fields situated in East Didsbury. Great for more than just running  truly an oasis from the hustle and bustle of Manchester.

Possibilities: Endless. Fletcher Moss is an awesome place to do so many different training sessions. There is a flat cinder loop that is perfect if you want to run laps, or do intervals. There are also some hills that aren’t too steep, but long enough to hurt. Not only are there the paths within the park, the park also connects to the canal. The canal is pretty cool for those of you that like to run for miles without having to take a sharp turn or run in repetitive loops.

Obstacles: Due to this park also having a botanical garden and being in Didsbury, it does receive a big footfall. If you go at peak times expect dogs, children, families and joggers. I would recommend going quite early, or a bit later on during the weekend if you want a smooth run. In terms of puddles, on the cinder loop you may have to swerve one or two but your new shoes will be relatively safe on the loop. The canal and other connecting paths are prone to big puddles, so avoid wearing your best shoes…

Chorlton Waterpark

A green spot with no concrete in sight. If you’re really brave you can even dip a toe into the murky depths of the pond.

Possibilities: The waterpark is full of opportunity. There are a number of hills dotted around the park. The loop around the water is a great place to run. This loop is quite nice because it is undulating, so it challenges your body a little more than just running on the flat. If you venture further into the park you will reach the canal and on the other side of the canal you will find more running trails.

Obstacles: This park gets even busier than Fletcher Moss. Not only are there dogs, families and bikes; There are also running groups and bootcamps. Again, just play around with training times and find when works best for you. This park can get quite a few puddles, especially on the path and the canal.

Fallowfield bike path

A great little spot to run when trying to avoid cars and traffic lights.

Possibilities: Initially limited, because the path is just a straight line, but if you use your imagination you can create so many different sessions. The path is slightly undulating, especially closer to the Fallowfield side. I prefer the path for a quick run, it is nothing special, just a relatively safe place to run away from the roads.

Obstacles: The bike gates can be annoying if people are going through them at the same time as you. There are a lot of cyclists if you run during rush hour, this isn’t really a problem and it’s quite nice to run where there are other people.


Hough End Playing Fields

A big grassy field for when you’re feet are sick of the concrete.

Posibilities: You can create various loops for intervals etc. and/or steady runs. I wouldn’t travel from afar to run here. There is a leisure centre with a gym and pool, there is also a little fitness station, which may be useful for circuits.

Obstacles: During football and rugby season, the fields can be filled with people on Sunday mornings. Other than that you may see a few dog walkers and horses, but they have never been a problem. The grass can also be very bumpy, especially during the off season for football, as they don’t cut grass often. The only real issue with this field is that it can become incredibly waterlogged.

4 Quirky Eateries in Manchester


Black Milk Cereal Dive

Pizza and cereal are my life. I have been meaning to visit this swanky cereal cafe for a long time. Situated in Afflecks Palace, the place looks nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the wall filled with various cereal boxes. They sell ‘cereal cocktails’ – I decided to go for the American Dream, this contains an assortment of American cereals, m&m’s, oreos and roasted marshmallows in an edible, white chocolate bowl. At £6.90 the prices are waaaay steep, this is a good thing. A deterrent is needed to stop you from visiting the place too much. Diabetes and Black Milk definitely go hand in hand! The service was awesome, the place is a unique spot to have a real sweet treat. Eat responsibly, enjoy!


Mowgli – Corn Exchange

The refurbished corn exchange is beautiful. There are so many restaurants I have yet to visit.  On my most recent visit I went to Mowgli. Yes it is a chain, so it’s a safe option. But I like the decor and relaxed atmosphere. I also really like the corn exchange in itself, so any excuse to eat there is a good one. The food is tasty, it’s almost like an Indian tapas restaurant. It’s nice to be able to choose so many little bits, the aesthetics were definitely the enticing factor for me.


Home Sweet Home

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of this place is sickly cakes that are far too big and full of sugar. There is actually so much more to their menu than the crazy cakes. They have recently expanded and opened a new restaurant in Great Northern, Manchester. My favourite is definitely the original in the Northern Quarter as it is more intimate, however at times it can be claustrophobic and loud so the Great Northern is a good alternative for a bit more room. There’s an American vibe to the food. You definitely feel like it’s a cheat day. But if you want to over indulge every once in a while, this is a place for you.


Kettlebell kitchen

Unlike the other three places mentioned in this post, Kettlebell will leave you feeling guilt free and satisfied at the same time. I chose a ‘kettlebox’, this is where you can you pick a base, a protein, a salad and sauce to make your own meal. Kettlebell is perfect for the days where you really don’t fancy cooking, but want to keep things healthy.

Top 3 Pizza Places in Manchester

I love pizza. Those of you that have been on a pizza date with me will know that I usually ALWAYS order a margarita. Why? Because it is almost impossible to make a bad margarita. Below, in no particular order, are three pizza places in Manchester that make me happy to stray away from my safe yet satisfying safety net of cheese and tomato.

Solomons Cafe Bar – Withington

Wholesome and homemade. Here, I pick pepperoni every time. The cheese, the sauce, the meat, the base – all equate to the ultimate feel good treat. These pizzas could almost be described as the love child of an American and an Italian Pizza; Not too heavy. Not leaving you feeling too guilty, but still giving you the satisfaction of a good cheat day.

Slice – Northern Quarter

Stylish and sophisticated. Thin based, snack sized rectangles with a variety of bespoke toppings. My favourite is the proscuitto, buffalo mozzarella, rocket and tomato. The quirky toppings make you want to mix and match. Why have one, when you can have three?! Not only is the pizza ‘buono’, they also serve gelatos and coffee. I love this place because it leaves me with memories of my summer in Sardinia – Oh how I miss Italy…

23rd Street – Fallowfield

Sometimes you just want to get down and dirty. This is my go to, non chain takeaway pizza. Affordable and rectangular – yes please. It also looks really cool on snapchat… Not that that matters or anything! For those who prefer the more conventional circular pizza, they sell a mahoosive 20 inch pizza, that will knock you back in terms of any progress you’ve made in the gym that week. It sure tastes good though, so why not? The only thing that keeps 23rd Street from becoming the takeaway of takeaways is the fact that they don’t have curly fries. Hint hint.

A love letter to my favourite bakery.

As a mixed race person, I have a lot of heritage. For me, I struggle to identify as Spanish AND Norwegian AND Jamaican AND English. I can barely string a sentence together in Spanish; I have never been to Jamaica; I only spent 4 years in Norway; And I don’t really have any English blood. So where am I supposed to say I’m from?

Instead of spiralling deeper into more and more questions, I’d rather speak about something that does gives me a sense of belonging.

– Old Trafford bakery – The intimate little shop always welcomes me with familiar faces, baked goods in every available space and a door frame that gives you a little view of the room where the magic happens.

Spending a lot of time with my cousin, Malichi, the bakery was one of our go to childhood eateries.

Freshly made bun was always a sweet treat – spiced to perfection, it’s sweetness and warmth dotted with raisins still makes my mouth water to this day.

Hard-dough bread was something I had to be in the mood for. A little sweeter and chewwier than normal bread, but toasted with melted butter oozing down onto the plate, with a thin layer of jam on top and salted boiled eggs – I was in heaven.

My all time favourite is patty and cocobread. Again a sweat bread, but this time soft and warm with a slightly spicy lamb mince patty inside. Delicious. As a child I had to drown the patty in ketchup to get rid of the spicy beds, but now it is perfect as it is.

I would recommend visiting this bakery to get a taste of Jamaica, not that I really know what Jamaica tastes like!